Thank you note: Goodbye Spencer RIP

This is usually a happy place dealing with my obsessions. I re blogged this from my other site in light of the Eric Garner protests against police violence. In 2008 I lost my best friend BC of a police officer who shot him for no good reason. There is a link to the NY Times article about the incident which IS ENTIRELY FALSE. This loss has had a profound effect on me. The police killings around the USA have made me feel like I’m reliving Spencer’s murder over and over. This killing must end. I’m just glad I sent Spencer this poem several months before his murder. He knew how much I loved him and that makes me feel good.


I wrote this poem for my best friend Spencer Parris, today I learned that he was shot to death on July 17.  I had been calling and looking for him, I finally wrote an email and learned this .  It is not true, and he was killed by a trigger happy intoxicated cop.  I am in shock, utter and total complete shock, and I want my friend back, and I am posting this because I wrote it to my friend and I will never see him again.

Thank you note: Jan 13 2008 original post

You’re like the brother I never had,

The friend I’ve always needed.

My truth when I need a jolt of reality,

Unfortunately, not always heeded.

Your honesty is never lost on me

I marvel at your generosity.

I learn from you, laugh with you, and argue with you.

You listen to me, laugh at…

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